• thank u people was great tlisting to this but you didn’t understand resident evil chronicles HD collection :P

    it was announced on 31/october/2011 that the 2 chronicles games that were on wii are coming to PS3


    • فيحان العتيبي

      :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    • Ahh, our bad. We apologize for the mistake.

      Thank you for pointing it out!

    • 7sain

      هذا اللي يسمونه سقط سهواً :-P

  • OMG i played resident evil chronicles on Wii and totally forget about it
    LoooL i will be more careful next time :-D

  • Mercaptoethanol

    I laughed so hard when the Oud was being played in the background. The BEST bgm intro ever in your podcasts XD