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  • Mr.M-A

    Its true though, the middle east as a whole has a connection that is poor to average and can be GREAT depending on which area and block you live in. For the people like my self who live in Area’s or specific block in area’s that don’t have fiber are forced to be on copper connections. I used to live in Salwa, Block 12 and there the connection could handle maximum 512kb LOL

    Now i live in Jabriya, Block 11 and the maximum connection where i live that can handle is 2.5MB max. Now, with online games i never had a problem but i can see a problem lies in when you want to download games and such. Let’s say physical game suddenly vanished what then be the reaction of most people? I think the middle east should take the internet more serious because everywhere i read and see is that in Saudia, Egypt, UAE.etc all depend on which area and block you reside in first and foremost which is wrong.

    The only fix i found for this is for people who are in my situation to have DSL (Whatever their preference is) and get one of the mobile 4G internet too so that you can have the high downloads which in my case certainly helps as i have a ton of games on Steam. Maybe that’s why in Kuwait they don’t want to put fiber so quickly because im almost certain that people who are in my situation have 2 internet services at home 4G and DSL LOL.