(٢٩-٧-٢٠١٣) LGG ديوانية

في هذه الحلقة

Shin Megami Tensei IV-Nintendo 3DS

Earthbound-Wii U

Muramasa Rebirth-PS VITA

Super Luigi Bros. U-Wii U

Oh! Cube-iOS/Android

Catherine-Xbox 360

infamous 2-PS 3

و المزيد بالاضافة إلى بعض الأخبار !


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  • Mr.M-A

    Infamous 1 is highly underrated by gamers, more so then 2. For it’s type of genre (Open-world) the story is really good and has a really surprising, memorable ending. I highly recommend people playing it before Infamous 2 since both compliment each other well especially the progress Cole went from infamous 1 to infamous 2.

    People made a problem about the design because he wasn’t true to his look in Infamous 1. There was no consistency and it wasn’t just a hair design change. It’s hard going back to Infamous 1 after 2 because 2 is a pretty big jump however i still recommend it for the story. How Cole got his powers and his progress in the story is good but the ending is what’s surprising and great, i cannot stress that enough. Highly recommend it.