(19-11-2012) LGG ديوانية

Kuwait Battle Royale

Halo 4

Frobisher Says

و المزيد!

بالضافة إلى الأخبار

ديوانية هو بودكاست نقاشي نتحدث فيه عن بعض الألعاب اللتي لعبناها خلال الفترة السابقة.

قام بتسجيل الحلقة كل من:

 يعقوب الحسيني ، حمد الحميدة و حسين الدليمي

تابعوا آخر حلقتنا عن طريق الآيتونز

نتمنى لكم استماعا ممتعا.

  • Gamma-Rayz

    Ya36eekum il3afya yajama3a ma ga9artaw shi’3lkum wayid 7ilw. Ta3lee8atkum wayid 7ilwa u daiman itwansoona sawa2 kan bil stream ow ib videos. Atsharaf inna 3indinna nas mithilkum bilkuwait u shukran. Marrat azhag min dinyity alga nafsy hnee adawr u ashoof shinu 7a6een a5bar u chithy u akoon 9aree7 ma3akum, a5ir tawa8u3aty inna it7i6oon a5bar 3an fire emblem ilyideeda XD ana die hard fan 7ag hal franchise u istanast 3al 5abar hathak XD

    • Yaqoub Al- Hussaini

      أفا عليك بس مشكور على هالكلام الحلو والمشجع. :)

  • 7md

    Thanks Gamma thats nice to hear :) we are pleased to know you liked our work!
    isha allah we will continue to provide the content you like!

  • Mr. M-A

    That’s a great answer. But, for your sake, you/the team commentate and participate in tournaments weather it’s fighting games or FPS.

    What i don’t get is from what i read on Ryan’s twitter.etc is that most of Kuwait strongest fighting gamers didn’t even attend the tournament, for some reason.

    • Yaqoub Al- Hussaini

      It’s a long story.

  • You guys should play assassin’s creed
    3! Trust me even if you’re not a huge AC fan you’re gonna love it, best
    graphics for this year especially if you play it on 3D TV so amazing! I was astonished
    at how much they improved everything!
    such a big jump for the AC games, you go to America with new characters and
    see all kinds of animals in the game, I’ve just started playing it and I’m
    already amazed!! totally recommend it ….PS if there’s “worst graphics
    award” I’d give to dishonored.

    It’s always fun listening to “dewaniya”
    I’m Lgg #1 fan.