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click ^ to read the announcement of the delay… why dont they make it a PS4 launch title? PS: I LOVE GAF

A walk in Ikebukuro streets

فيديو لممثل بأحد شوارع ايكيبوكرو! المميز بالفيديو ان العارض/الممثل تعرض لمشاكل تقنيه شوفوا الناس كيف تصرفت تجاهه… العرض يبدأ الدقيقه ٣

PSP titles 9.99$ (2.8KD)

Sony finally advertising the PSP! 5-6 years after it launch! why are they attacking the iPhone >_< childish…. This system deserved better

Age of Empires Online! (Gamescom)

Age of Empires Online Exciting news from GamesCom! The best-selling real-time strategy series of all time continues with Age of Empires Online! Join friends and friendly rivals from…

Yakuza (PSP) Limited edition comes with this…

Sega’s Yakuza is coming to the PSP this September (in Japan at least) well the preorder bonus will be… a I am speechless…. note: I just knew Sega…

Kuwait SBO Team (picture)

left to right (Ali Sai/Maan/Ganoon) GO KUWAIT TEAM! FAJ-RO-HOM! 

Videogames song!


trolllolol ROCKBAND?

I was going to boot rockband just to play this master piece song …too sad it is a FAKE :(