VGA Impressions

This is a quick post to write about what I’m mostly excited about from what has been announced in VGA.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I am so excited for this game! it wont be like Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, or Metal Gear Acid, it’s a new thing in the Metal Gear universe. This metal gear will look more Japanese than western because A. Raiden looks more anime-ish than Snake, and B. he’s using a KATANA, so it will be a totally new thing, for Metal gear fans, and people who never played the game before!

Alan Wake

I absolutely love this game! I said it before, but I’ll say it again, THIS GENERATION NEEDS MORE GAMES LIKE ALAN WAKE!! Resident Evil is no longer a survivial horror game, and Silent Hill is still there, but I need more horror games, the survival horror genre practily dided this generation! Even the games that have zombies are shooters/action games T__T

The Last of Us

I’ll be hoenst, when this game’s teaser was out I wasn’t too excited for this game, but after seeing the trailer, I think it’s gonna be awesome! I’m pretty sure it will have co-op, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, I do hope its not as big as dead island though!
I also liked how the new C&C looks like, Diablo 3 and Bioshock inintie.
Also, it was no surprise that The Eldfer Scrools V: Skyrim is the game of the year!! It’s one game bethesnda sped too much time developing, so CONGRATS!! And thanks a lot for stealing my social life :’)

E3 Impressions

Microsoft conference was a bit of “meh..WOW…meh…AWESOME…meh…COOL!!” for me! They announced things that excited the hell out of me, and stuff that I wouldn’t give a damn about LOL!
When they showed us MW3, and I found our sledgehammer and infinite wars are involved, I was like “HELLYESSHELLYESHELLYES!” and just when I couldn’t overcome the excitement over MW3, they started showing us Tomb Raider, it’s breathe taking! Definitely a day one buy for me!
It started to get boring once Peter Moore started talking about EA sports, but it picked itself up quickly once Mass Effect 3 was up! I am not a Kinect fan, but I liked the way it was used in Mass Effect 3, commanding troops, picking your questions..but imagine, what if your friend was next to you, and he was wanted to give you a hard time, wouldn’t it be easy for him to shout loud the question that HE wants instead? Another thing, isn’t voice recognition region locked? We don’t have it in the middle east, that’s another reason why I wasn’t too excited! Another thing I also liked was Ghost Recon used Kinect, but I’d use a classic controller over than anytime!
When they were showing the new features of ping, YouTube integration, TV channels, I was more interested in the new dashboard! It looked awesome! I wonder why they didn’t talk about it!! It looks like Windows 8!! Beautiful <3
Then came awesome stuff again, stuff that would make me scream, Gears of War 3 (I’M DYINGGGGGGGG TO GETTTTT THISSSSS GAAMEEE!!) RYSE, which looked great (minus the Kinect part), Forza 4, Fable…and HALO COMBAT EVOLVED ANNIVERSARRY :’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything else bored the hell out of me, Kinect Disneyland adventures? Really? LOL Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central 2, Sesame Street..However, Kinect fun labs was pretty cool! It caught my attention, especially the avatar and objects scanning <3 I can’t wait till I scan my teddy bear!!
The one thing that made Microsoft’s conference win is HALO 4’S ANNOUCMENT !!!!!!!! even though I saw leaked pictures of its announcement 30 minutes before the conference but still! IT WAS AWESOME SEEING MASTER CHEEF (MASTUR CH33F) ALIVE AGAIN!! I AM SO DAMN HAPPY!!


Sony’s conference was what E3 is all about! Surprises, surprises and surprises! The 3D trailers and gameplay footages made me wish I there watching everything in 3D! The first thing they did was kicking off by talking about PSN’s incident, and apologizing etc etc. here’s where I started going..WHERE THE HELL IS KEVIN? I WANT HIM ON STAGE!
They didn’t wait to show us the “big game” like Microsoft did, nope! Sony brought Evan Wells and another person from Naughty Dog to throw some Uncharted 3 action to our faces, oh boy!!! Did my jaw drop? Did I scream? Hell yes!!! It’s UNCHARTED 3 !! AND IT LOOKED MORE GOEGEOUS THAN EVER! Drake couldn’t walk more realistically, the water, the rain, the thunder, EVERYTHNIG was perfect! And the trailer blew my mind!
Short after the awesomeness of Uncharted 3, we were given a glimpse of how Resistance 3 will be like, it looked badass, and best of all, IT WAS PLAYED WITH A PINK CONTROLLER? DID YOU SEE THAT?!
More exclusives, God of War HD and 3D, ICO and the Shadow of the Colossus remastered, it’s all good news one after another, and best news of all, CHEAP 3D DISPLAY!! The price is unbelievable!! Sony is so awesome they made 3D displays affordable by everyone! (and I was seriously considering I get a 3D TV instead of a new car) I am looking forward to this branded PlayStation display!
Then they started showing us move games, NBA, Medieval Moves (which looked far better than Kinect games in my opinion)
Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more exclusives, they show us Infamous 2, announce a new Sly Cooper, show us Starhawk, and Dust 514! Not to mention Bioshock infinite, while not being an exclusive, it was announced with PS Move support! I also thought the co-op Star Trek game will be more fun than any of Kinect games that were announced in Microsoft’s conference. (THIS IS COMING FROM AN XBOX FANGIRL .__. )
When PlayStation Vita’s name was announced, it wasn’t much of a surprise, everyone knew that already, but what got me excited is that AT&T will support the handheld 3G services in the US, that means it will easily come to the UAE with either Du or Etisalat!
I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that excited for PS Vita, but the conference blew me away and made me want to own a Vita right now! Uncharted: Golden Abyss looked stunning! I didn’t think games on the Vita would be original but I was proven wrong! They kept the taste of the game, while adding a new experience with the hybrid controls. Another thing I was interested in was Ruin, the game that is played on both, the PS3 and the PS Vita, and you can continue the game back on forth with the same save on both platforms. The moment I heard that, I went “ABOUT FREAKING TIME!” because I have always wanted this feature, imagine yourself in the middle of a game, then your friends or siblings ask you to go out with them, you can continue the game outside! I had that idea in my mind ever since childhood “why can’t we continue the games on SNES on Game Boy?” xD
Then when they announced ModNation Racers for the Vita, I was thinking it will be exactly like the one on the PSP, but my jaw dropped when I saw how they made tracks! And LittleBigPlanet! I thought that game couldn’t get more creative! I thought all the ideas were used, but I was once again proven wrong! But one game I know I’m getting first on the Vita, STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN!! <3 It LOOKS GOEGORUES!!!!
Overall, the conference was awesome, it won E3 for me! The only thing that ruined it is the lack of some Kevin Butler awesomeness :( WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING KEVIN SONY?!!! :(


I have to talk about the concert, the music was incredible!! The sound effects they made for “finding item” , etc for example made me happy <3 and the announcement for concerts all over the world in honor of Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary is a sweet idea! <3
3DS titles didn’t disappoint! Mario Kart 3DS (I’ve been waiting for that!) Star Fox, Tekken and my favorite game announcement, Luigi’s Mansion 2 !! It’s about time we get a sequel to this game! <3
The idea of virtual console just for handheld is awesome, we’ll be able to download really old handheld games AND old console games, like excitebike they’ve announced.
Now to talk about their big announcement, the Wii U. At first, I was kind of disappointed, I was expecting an HD console to compete with the PS3 and the Xbox 360! Not a TV-ish controller! But then I saw what it was capable of doing, yep, Nintendo did it again, they kept their identity, they revolutionized it once again! They made it fun for the hardcore and the family by brining titles like Ghost Recon, Metro’s sequel, DiRT, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and more!
The most innovative thing about Wii U and what I mostly liked is the idea that you can switch from your TV to Wii U instantly, and the idea that while playing a multiplayer game, a Wii mote wielder gets a different view from the Wii U wielder, amazing!
That concludes my E3 impressions, Sony won this year for me, and Nintendo got the second place!