Awesome Daigo Kuwait Exhibition SSFIV:AE Matches


Tyrant was one of the very cool surprises during the Kumite. He played a very solid Sagat.


One of Kuwait’s most solid players, Bahbahani takes up Daigo in a best of five set. Great set of matches.

  • shakangel

    Great matches, those two players from Kuwait played a great Ryu and Sagat. What I did not like, was the music… the original in game music if much better for high level play if it doesn’t any professional commentary embedded.

  • KounterMaze

    Kuait players know whats up!
    Good games too them, hope to see some kuwait players at EVO someday
    Love the music, much better then the real game tracks and brings hype to the moment
    . i ussaly quit the visd half way cuz the origanal ost gets on my nerves.

  • electronbabies

    2:02 on 2nd set. Yun’s lunge punch shadow is red. Wtf? This a PC version modded or something? I thought that the fireballs looked a little different but thought it was just the quality I’m watching it at.

  • daigouae

    Daigo is going easy on them, its obvious

  • yourmom

    Stay free Kuwait.