(16-4-2012) LGG ديوانية

 ديوانية هو بودكاست نقاشي نتحدث فيه عن بعض الألعاب اللتي لعبناها خلال الفترة السابقة

كما قمنا باستضافة ضيف جديد للبرنامج، محمد


هذه الحلقة تحتوي على الألعاب التالية

Monster Hunter Portable 3 (PSP)

Fez (Xbox 360)

Binary Domain (PS3/Xbox 360)

Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PC, PSP)

Super Robot Wars Z2

نتمنى لكم استماعا ممتعا

  • Mr. M-A

    I haven’t played any other game that is listed except Fez. Fez is so deep, rich and very interesting then it looks. I thought that it is just changing perspectives and going through the level. However, things suddenly seemed much deeper. The world that is in the game is very rich and i’ll go through it in detail. It takes everything about 2D side scrollers (gameplay, music, levels) of the snes, super nintendo.etc and bumps it up to the maximum.

    First of all the story is you play this white character living in a world that is 2D. Things suddenly things go wrong when you are greeted with a three dimensional yellow cube that explodes and this makes the world you used to live in “2D” to “2D + 3D” from there on you can change perspectives and each time you change you don’t just see one thing different, you see practically everything different, lol. Your adventure is simple. Collect the cubes so that you could restore balance to the world once again, that’s it. You go about collectibg squares (collecting 7 or 8 forms up one whole cube) sometimes in some area’s you may find an entire cube. For every yellow cube there is these blue cubes called the anti cubes, the anti cubes are much harder to find and sometimes you need to know secrets + input codes. I’ll get to that in a minute.


    This is the world map, each big square represents the level then it has sub levels to it which are the small cubes. If you find everything in a square it will become gold plated meaning you have found everything weather it was secrets or chest or just yellow squares that form up a cube. It’s a very complicated map when you see at first but, you can get used to it after playing for more than 30 minutes and actually study the map.

    What makes this game is how rich and detailed the world is. The puzzles are amazing and some have very unique and amazing ways to solve them. I’ll give you one other example than the phone thing. Sometimes you come across symbols that vibrate the controller, if you feel and know which rumbler is vibrating you can input the code (changing perspectives) by the rhythm of the vibration in the controller.

    What makes the world in this game is so unique is that it has an entire language and number system in the game itself. It’s hard to understand everything because you really have to look for every detail in the game but those who did already translated every letter so, its like you have to know an entire language in the game to make things better in the adventure when you read weird symbols on the wall.




    These are the translations of the words and symbols in the game. If that isn’t amazing, i don’t know what is.It is very needed to understand them so that one can read the hidden stuff,secrets or just plain texts by translating. There are so many stuff that is very hard to know because of how ambiguous the place in the game is. There are many places like that. There are 32 cubes in total and 32 anti cube in total 64. There is also artifacts to find, treasure maps and other neat stuff in the level design itself.

    When you finish the game, you can play New Game+ with everything you did intact and you can go anywhere so, even if you didn’t collect everything, you can in new game +. Not only that but certain “extras” come with it, i wont spoil but lets just say you’ll get one of the things is that will make you look at the game from “minecraft’s” point of view.

    People now are working on this giant mystery puzzle that only 2 people solved it till now. It’s called the black monolith, google it. The developers are also quite about the puzzle and anyone who solves it are sworn to secrecy, LOL. It’s the last puzzle in the game and i believe the conclusion to how the answer of the puzzle will be mind blowing. Thousands of people are working on it, LOL.

    I highly highly recommend this game, HIGHLY. It is the best 2D side scroller, EVER.  Its up there with the best, no doubt. Maybe even better because of how rich and detailed the world itself is. And for the people who are worried about the problems don’t worry it is already said that they are working on a patch and will release it as soon as possible.

    Overall, i hope more people play this game and share their opinions. For me, I absolutely loved it.

  • Mr. M-A

    Also, be sure to give the soundtrack a listen.