• بلال

    ياااه جاري الإستماع

  • Mr.M-A

    I too am in the camp of not recommending the game to anyone but fans. However, while i don’t agree with the price, it’s fine to me only because i know i’ll be playing it a-lot till Phantom Pain releases.

    I look at it this way, cinema’s these days range between for digital 3.500KD and 4.000KD for IMAX (even more for VIP). Add the popcorn plus drinks and you’ll be spending close to the game’s amount except the movie may not be that good, It also may be cut or not and it’s a one time thing only.

    So, for what it offers to me especially since it’s highly re-playable, it’s worth it to me. Can’t say the same for people who are not MGS fans nor people who are not going for unlocking/finishing everything the game has to offer.