Electonic Entertanment Expo expectations ???

E3 expectation from Re7ab gamers :) now… what about you? tell us what do you expect for this year E3!!! قمنا بمقابلة مجموعه من اللاعبين في مجمع الرحاب لمعرفة ما يتوقعونه من معرض إي3 لهذه السنه هل لديك أي إضافات على ما ذكروه … قل لنا ما لديك عن توقعاتك لمعرض إي3

  • LCD

    Pretty nice idea of contacting the crowd!
    Good job guys :)

  • 7md

    The nintendo 3DS is the most hyped new hardware I am looking into…same thing with the PSP2!
    Dreamcast games going to Live and PSN! new revival of Donkey Kong Series! so many things to hype!

    9 hours till it starts!

  • Abu Khaled

    Good job guys and it`s nice idea and really really i like it

  • I Just noticed this interview. How did i miss this!?
    Good job btw!