• Hamda

    Aham shay the MGS alert sound when Abdulla says 7aaamda X”D LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome episode :D I love the integration of the OST you mention with your speaking :D Enjoyed it like always :D Proud of you guys :D I love the humor walla X”DDD

  • LCD

    Listening now, i should have listened yesterday but there was barcamp.
    <3 BESHO!

  • almajid

    amazing EP . i enjoy every thing on it the sound effects , sound tracks  and  the Japanese accent    . I like your  impression  about Etrian Odyssey II and magicka  make excited to buy one them  .great episode keep it up guys 

  • MaDMooD

    el 9ara7a shbaab, this episode is a masterpiece…and cuz last episode 7seen ma kan mwjood, and u have a guest in this episode (3zeez), so i will talk about each one:

    Generally: what do u want me to do? Clap? a’6ak? asawe da3aya for this episode? ,, testahloon more than this,,,really really really this is a masterpiece

    ya3goob ( Relative of Jengis khan): 3000 troops on 45?? 3000?? with a cup of coffee and laughing like a villian?? i laughed like hell imagining u with a samurai armor and a smoke in ur hand and drink coffee…LoL
    mala da3e atkallam 3n the info u say in the episode, dayman u surprise me with the info that u have mashalaa keep it up!

    BaShaBeSho: akhaf agool shay etgooli ( SPOIILEEERRR)) LOOOOL mn tgool spoiler etge6ha ga6 :PPPPP and the way u join in the conversation , tra madre shgool bs i’m speechles el 9ara7a mashala u have a talent and a passion when talking about games

    7md: ……………………………………………………….. LOL ye6igoon el baab ben3ool? LOOOOL er7am tor7am 3ala ga66atik :P etkoon sakit bs etha ga6eet-ha as usual ta36eeha ga66a 1 -- 0 LOL.. wetha ma g6eet ga66a et’6a7ik, ta3leeqik mashala yekoon mwzoon oo ye99er nagsh 3al 7ajar Commentatik 9a7 oo etbaye’6ha :D

    7seen: el 9ara7a i’m impressed, y3ne u made me think about games in a diff angel, for example when u talked about castlevania fe ashya2 u said ma la7a’6t-ha until u said it, now when i look into a new game, u gave me new parameters to grade a game
    bs fe 3endy question regarding the variety of moves in castlevania; dont you think its positive to have those dozens of combos so each player plays with his/her own style? waiting for an answere cuz really i want to know what u think :D
    … and el 9ara7a i learned from u alot eb hl episode and enshala i learn from u more in the future Keep it up :D

    3zeez: the way u talk about a game is like cooking a dish, etshawwig el wa7id oo et7armo9a oo etsawe el 6abkha oo b3deen u present the game… y3ne i think if u own a Gaming company u will be a great sales manager, from ur talk about Majesty i went directly to Steam to look it up and enshala will try it :D i wasnt going to try the game before i heard u….u have a unique way of presenting games, which is a Good way i mean … Very nice :D….(Psst: hows Shogun 2?:P)

    and the comments parts badda3taw…and regarding my comment…LOOOOOL ana ‘6a7akt 3ala roo7y more from the way u guys said it, BaShaBeSho yegool ana az7af ta7at el sereer oo 7md yab 6aree Merry (btw khaddamatna thak el wagt kan esemha Merry), mn gmtaw etfalmoon ana faqadt mn the7ik, ma agool ella ashwa enna i listened to the rest of the episode bl beet, lo bl share3 chan allah ye3lam shemsawe bl dnya mn el the7ik LOOL

    Keep it up guys tra el show is very very nice, welly yegool enkom aqal mn Pros i say bl 3aks, your Podcast is now a part of my weekly routine, i wait for an episode to listen to it like waiting for a new Anime or a TV show…Really ebdaa3 ..oo sorry etha ga99art m3a ay a7ad feekom bl comments elly aktibha, bs tra really i dont interact m3a msg boards or sites unless i really love them, and your site became my homepage, really really gr8t guys :D

    • MaDMooD

      oh yeah , and there are alot of things that i didnt mention in my comment, for example ya3goob when he was imitating the Japanese adviser i was like ,,, sharagt mn el ‘6e7ik.. and the soundtracks and soundeffects are amazing ya 7seen, ebda3atik wayda eb hl episode :D
      many em6awwil bl comment 3shan ma takh-thoon 3 hours to read it lol

  • 7md

    5adamatkom kan ESEMHA MERRY O_O I have new-type abilities

  • Wow, again a super-analysis from Madmood!

    Thanks a lot for your input and I really hope you enjoy our episodes even more.
    I’ll try to find other opportunities to imitate that adviser again. :P

  • Done Recording Episode 27