هذه الحلقة 26! مصخناها بهالحلقة و سجلنا 3 ساعات متواصلة بالإضافة الى تواجد ضيف جديد معانا, عبدالعزيز. 

ملخص سريع للحلقة:

– غطينا مجموعة ألعاب لعبناها خلال اهذه الفترة منهم
Crysis 2, Shogun 2: Total War, Etrian Odyssey II, Uncharted series, Magicka, Majesty 2

– أخبار محلية و عالمية للألعاب.

– و موضوع هذه الحلقة الذي نتكلم فيه عن فترة ألعاب ذو الموسيقات 8-بت. بقيادة حسين هذه المرة. يشرح فيه عن كل ما يعرفه عن الموسيقى بالألعاب و تقدمها في ذلك الوقت.
كما تكلمنا و ناقشنا تعليقات قراءنا و مستمعينا الرائعة, فنشكر لكم مشاركاتكم.

– و ختمناها بذكر تعليقات مستمعينا للحلقة السابقة, و اختيار موسيقة هذه الحلقة بذوق بشبيشو.

Episode 26 is here! We’ve went above and beyond with this episode. A whooping 3 hours long, this episode features a guest, Abdulaziz [@LCDq8].


A quick summary:

– We’ve covered the games that we’ve been playing recently, which include: Crysis 2, Shogun 2: Total War, Etrian Odyssey II, Uncharted series, Magicka, Majesty 2 and much more.

– The important local (Abu Dhabi Comic Con) and international gaming news were covered.

– This episode’s topic will take you on a journey back to the good old 8-bit era. Hussain hosts the topic this time around, sharing with everyone his knowledge about how music was approached back in the day. We’ve also received some nice comments from our readers/listeners, who shared with us some of their favorite tunes and have been featured in the episode. Thanks for participating!

– Finally, we took a quick look at last episode’s comments and this time, Besho will be picking the music to end the episode with.



Time Line

00:00 – Start of the show + What we played
02:07 – News
02:20 – Topic (8-bit music)
02:56 – Topic’s Comments
03:10 – Comments & Feedback
03:15 – Besho’s Selected Track

Music tracks used / الموسيقات المستخدمة

  1. Intro
    1. NBA Live
    2. Pacman [ATARI]
    3. Penguin Adventure [MSX]
  2. News – Unreal Tournament (Go Down)
  3. Topic
    1. Captain Tsubasa 2 [NES]
    2. Knightmare (1st stage) [MSX]
    3. Shadow of the Ninja (Final Boss) [NES]
  4. Comments – G.I.Joe (1st stage) [NES]
  5. Our Selection – The Curse of Monkey Island (A Pirate I Was Meant to Be)

In addition to all the games we mentioned in the episode (as background music)


A Pirate I Was Meant To Be – Monkey Island 3