Learn With LGG: The King of Fighters XIII – Tutorial 1 – LGG تعلم مع

يعقوب و علي يقدمان الدرس الأول للعبة

The King of Fighters XIII

في هذه الحلقه سنقوم بشرح نظام اللعب بشكل مبسط و كيف تبدأ تلعب اللعبه

لا تنسون تشتركون في قناة اليوتوب للمزيد

  • Gamma-Rayz

    ya36eekum il3afya ya lucky gg, this video was fun and i think this might be the first time i actually wanna try king of fighters. please continue uploading these videos :) its good to know we got a team thats working hard for us gamers. oh and the EX….HAHAHAHA LOOOOOOOOOOL isma7ly bas ta2leef moo6abee3y XD

  • Thanks for the comment.

    We’ll be providing you guys with more tutorials for this game inshalla very soon!

    I am very passionate about this game and will try my best to explain the advanced concepts of the game. Although the game’s system is kinda old-school but there are some hidden system secrets that I just found out about and will try my best to explain them in the future tutorials.

    If you have any comments in particular about this or other tutorials please leave us a comment either here, by email, or on YouTube and we’ll be sure to address them in future episodes.

    Thanks again!

  • Gamma-Rayz

    yo i just wanted to know, i played two matches and i was wondering….are the comand inputs in kof more strict than sf? cus i couldnt dish out any supers…again, just wanna know

    • Not too strict but you can forget Street Fighter’s shortcuts. Some work like the classic tiger knee but require precise timing when pressing buttons. I’ll go over some useful KOF-specific shortcuts in future tutorials inshalla

      Practice the commands though they’re not as hard as you think.

  • Gamma-Rayz

    alright nice XD ima see what i can do :)

    • We finished recording the next tutorial and we addressed your input problems and answered with some tips! Look forward to it very soon.