LGG Episode 30

For our 30th episode, we brought in a new guest to our podcast: Ahmed (a.k.a Mercaptoethanol). He’ll be sharing with us a lot of knowledge from different aspects, especially in the main topic for this episode!


We’re back to our standard layout this time.

In this episode:

– We talked about the recent games that we played such as Shadows of The Damned, inFamous 2, Aion, demos for Sonic Generations, El Shaddai and much more.

– Local and International news were covered, including our guest writer articles and local tournament coverage.

– Our topic this time is very interesting and rarely talked about, but we approached with an “educational” aspect (think of it as our take on a “certain TV show”, only for games!). Basically, can certain actions that are performed by characters in video games be performed in real life? Tune in to find out!

– Finally, our quick run down on the comments section, and this time, it’s 7md’s turn to pick the music selection for this episode.


timeline : الوقت
hh:mm – title – music
00:00 – Beginning of course
01:19 – End what we played / News Section – Need for Speed 1 (techno 2)
01:31 – End News / Main Topic – Head Hunter (Grey Wolf)
02:26 – Comments –  F1 Spirit Vanishing Heat (Endurance) [MSX]
02:32 – Luckygg info
02:34 – Selected Music Track (7md) – Bayonetta (Battle For The Umbra Throne)


Keep listening till the very end for some funny outtakes!


  • MaDMooD

    I will post my comment after i finish listening to the podcast..
    But i wanted to comment on some facts here ( the part where u guys are trying to prove if wht happens in games can become real or no)
    The Virus part:
    Viruses can be simply described Dead orgasims
    They need a Cell in order to become active, metabolize, and reproduce..
    Viruses have DNA and RNA strains ( i dont want to go deep in that)
    And they Alter the normal cell work, make it Abnormal to reproduce massively for the virus ant Etc.
    Now does size matter? Nope, a virus can control the infected cell with it’s own DNA, it can make dozen of things regardless of it’s size, an it is deadlier than bacteria cuz it can affect the bacteria too .. And there is no known drug that can kill the virus ( antiviral kill some, and antibiotics for bacteria’s and etc)
    So can a Virus mutate a cell? Well there is no fact on that that i’ve heard, and u cant say yes or no .. Yet
    Microbiology and Virology are evolving as we speak
    And the fact that the virus has DNA that can fuses with the normal cell DNA, what if it breaks 1 of the DNA chain’s? A certain order if broken can cuz various disorders and so forth..
    If u watch the series The Walking Dead; it is the best sci-fi that explained the possibility for humans to turn to zombies, with scientific facts in medicine ab microbiology.. Hell it will make u think that this is possible …
    Thanx guys , and i will post my comment on the podcast once i finish it

    • We gave a good and extensive explanation with regards to the biology behind it in a “molecular” level. I think it’ll show you how the zombie phenomenon was approached by us and you might learn some new facts here and there (I hope, lol). It was a very cool topic and our guest added a nice touch to it.

      Hope you enjoy listening to it. :)

      • MaDMooD

        U lost me.. I didnt comment on the topic or the zombie theory.. My comment was only regarding the viruses, and how it is for them to take control of an orgasim regardless of the size, and therefor u dunno what to expect from them.. Cuz Viruses has DNA strains
        Thats all XD
        Bs regarding the zombie theory, it was whole nrw to me, topic was cool, additions were cool from u guys and the guest too
        Plz dont mix up lol XD

        • No matter what you try to prove, zombies are out of the question. Harharharrr!

          You’re thinking about it too much. :P

  • MaDMooD

    LoooooL why r u trying to come back to the topic that i’m trying not to coment on? zombies..?
    LooooL my comment was on Viruses my friend, Viruses only…Not flesh eating goowy pink fluidish intestinal zombies lol

  • MaDMooD

    ok this is my full Comment about the episode….Fantastic!!
    the sound issue that was present in the the past? Gone!
    i can hear u guys more clear and + i didnt have to play with my sound settings and so on..
    the other thing is, the new topic? it was a surprise! it was very nice, new, and unique..i didnt hear anything about it before, Finally a signature topic for your Podcast :D
    and the part where u were analyzing Mario’s jump..LOOOOOOOL couldnt stop laughing!
    a suggestion to this new topic if i may, i dont know if it’s a good suggestion or no but u know brain-storming:
    -how about every one of you guys chose 1 topic to analyze and each of you will be on diff platform, and on the next episode the same person explains another thing but on diff platform..i dunno if u got the idea or no, i dont know how to explain it XD!
    as for you guys, i will begin with your Guest Ahmed:
    – Finally there is someone that i can call Yaqoub’s Rival in knowledge , really you got alot of knowledge
    – The way you described Aion made me feel i missed something big, i had the game and i didnt play it, the same day i heard your part when u described the game i went to DL the 9 gb patch ( to try it + 3nad bl cap lol)
    – 7elwa minnik when u said LGG is a reason for the cap LOL :P (Wetish)

    – ga66atik tethba7 ya 7md khof 3leena shway, and when u said that Aion lost a customer LOOOOOOOL
    – as usual, the way you guide the Podcast is significantly improving each Podcast

    -……………Allh y3eenik , el 9oot killa 3aleek oo yboon Video…1080p? :P
    – Chai entrance was cool lol

    soul of the episode as usual, and many parts of the episode u explain things with (it seems so) a big happy smile on ur face.. this talent u got that ? the one where u make the Listener feel the joy and your happiness when explaining a topic? Marvelous!

    – FINALLY The Japanese Warlord Voice!! :D
    – U got a RIval!!
    – i love the way you enter a topic with a blasting info and like leave the mic for the next person…really nice and talented..ur improving on that and the least i can say this is Pro lvl!

    i cant say i’m an old fan or anything like that, i was officially listening to your podcast from episode 21 or 22, and my comments started during episode 24..but really the improvements that i’ve seen from 24 – 30 is really really huge! its like a jump from 24 to 100! and the guests you chose always add a nice spice to the episode..nice job guys , and sorry etha ga99art eb 7agkom <– always a fan

  • Hi guys,

    I need contact info to discuss something intesting with you . hope you email me soon.

  • almajid

    Hi guys it has been a while , i just finish listening the EP, i really enjoy. it good talking about games we don’t know about it even its old or not popular as console game like Aion , magicka and etc…
    what a beautiful idea i was shocked with the fact that u give the listeners epically from yaqoub (is wiki server in ur brain) .
    7md was in high high mood in this EP i laughed too much on his jokes.
    About video cast i think u don’t need to record a 30 min EP you can only record about some big events or tournaments or conferences or doing some interviews and less than 15 min if u want

  • 7md

    Thanks Almajid :)
    Magica & Aion were covered in the cast thanks to the awesome guests we hosted they really added a flavor to the show!

    we are working on something for the videos on our site keep watching!

    want to share any real videogame fact?

  • almajid

    OK i am waiting
    Cole in infamous

  • Done recording LGG episode 31
    thanks all for your comments ^_^