For our 30th episode, we brought in a new guest to our podcast: Ahmed (a.k.a Mercaptoethanol). He’ll be sharing with us a lot of knowledge from different aspects, especially in the main topic for this episode!


We’re back to our standard layout this time.

In this episode:

– We talked about the recent games that we played such as Shadows of The Damned, inFamous 2, Aion, demos for Sonic Generations, El Shaddai and much more.

– Local and International news were covered, including our guest writer articles and local tournament coverage.

– Our topic this time is very interesting and rarely talked about, but we approached with an “educational” aspect (think of it as our take on a “certain TV show”, only for games!). Basically, can certain actions that are performed by characters in video games be performed in real life? Tune in to find out!

– Finally, our quick run down on the comments section, and this time, it’s 7md’s turn to pick the music selection for this episode.


timeline : الوقت
hh:mm – title – music
00:00 – Beginning of course
01:19 – End what we played / News Section – Need for Speed 1 (techno 2)
01:31 – End News / Main Topic – Head Hunter (Grey Wolf)
02:26 – Comments –  F1 Spirit Vanishing Heat (Endurance) [MSX]
02:32 – Luckygg info
02:34 – Selected Music Track (7md) – Bayonetta (Battle For The Umbra Throne)


Keep listening till the very end for some funny outtakes!