Monster Hunter Tri Gعرض ل



مبيعات الثري دي أس بتكون خرافيه



  • 3DS sales are already going crazy with the two Mario games out, this one will just give sales a broken tier number again.

    I hope Capcom listens and releases this game to the West.

  • Gamma-Rayz

    holy **** and here i thought i want gonna buy this game….man im gonna give capcom my money again lol

    • The only bummer is that it doesn’t have an online mode. Just the typical PSP-style ad-hoc multiplayer. In my case, I own a 3DS and I’m, sadly, an early adopter. I’ll be picking it up to dust it off and enjoy some Monster Hunter IF they release it in the West.

  • Gamma-Rayz

    idont have a problem with no online, i only play with the guys bil diwaniya anyways XP its much more fun when we get done in by monsters while being near eachother XD

  • 7md

    I want to finish portable 3rd :-(