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س: هل غضبت مرة من لعبة؟ هل لديك ذكريات أو خبرات تود المشاركة بها؟

شاركنا بإجابتك على السؤال في قسم التعليق و سوف نذكرها نحن في الحلقة 35 القادمة

Q: Did video games ever make you angry? Have any memories or experiences to share?

Feel free to answer this question in the comments section below, and your answer will be featured in the main topic discussion in episode 35!

Example مثال

  • Hamda

    OMG! I have a lot to share! :O

    Siren: Blood Curse is one of the games of this generation that made me scream out of frustration and anger. I hate when its asking me to go all stealth and make my way through without the enemies noticing, but the game sucks at stealth! .__. and when we play as the little girl, the moment and enemy sees you it’s game over, I used to HATE playing as that girl! I’ll never play this game again. ever xD

    When I constantly die at Condemned 1, (in condemned 2 when we die and back to the last checkpoint the character comes with full health) but in condemned 1, after you die and come back from a check point, your health remains the same level it was before you die, so if your energy was low, you’ll keep coming back weak and constantly die, frustrating! .__.

    When I die from a boss in DR2!!! I threw the controller twice because of that game! whenever a boss kills us we have to walk aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll the way to the boss again! D: aurughh D:

    When I play a racing game or a shooter and my sister passes right in front of the TV and just ruins everything T__T

    My PSP is PAL and my PS3 is Asian, so I was used to hitting X for confirmation and O for cancellation on my PSP, but when I was once using my PS3 I accidentally deleted his Virtua Fighter 5’s data because I accidentally hit O when instead of X, and it got me mad :( ! I hate X O confusion :/

    Halo ODST’s messed up servers T__T when I play it online it’s like a slideshow of pictures, not a game! T__T worst lag I have ever experienced in a game T__T

    Gears of war horde mode, when I constantly die at a difficult wave, but then I start killing and killing and killing, then I get sooo excited that I’ll finally beat that wave, but the LAST enemy kills me xD

    That’s all I remember for now! :D

  • 7md

    that was fast :D new record for Hamda! :laugh:

  • Hmmmm where do I start??
    The PS3 Joystick?
    The stupid bugs in the games?
    Or The Errors that my hands gets when my brain tries to send the signal to the finger and muscle to move and it doesnt do so?
    .. I’ll try to remember while writing my reply..:
    -The old Xmen Arcade version back in the 1990’s there are alot of time where i press the jump (while playing with Cyclops) and he makes his special move instead on a low life mob!! waste of specials!!
    – fighting games…dont let me go there..LoL
    -Wow.. If the connection is good, the server lags or the game bugs me to hell, if the connection is bad no bugs -_-; i think they have an alliance against me
    -During Gameboy and Gameboy color, Mario jumps when i dont want him to jump, and wont jump when i want him to do so (like Thomas..!! (ga66a for ya3goob XD)..)

    ok i will make this short, i dont remember how frustrated i was back then, but i know How frustrated I’m now with Darksouls <– which should be my main answer for your question..
    I was playing Darksouls couple adays ago, and i was infront of the Priest trainer + advanced priest trainer + 2 Human NPC guards, and NOOOO THE JOYSTICK FELL AND I SLASHED THEM AND THEY BECAME HOSTILE….NoooooOOOOoo
    now either i kill them or pay a fine of 78000 souls so they dont become hostile anymore……3azahom kan last sunday…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Should i continue with the Dots..?????? my lvl is 40, No i wont re-play the game, not now maybe later..but AHHHHHHHHHHHH

    story of my life and Abwaaq (If it was Thomas it is ok (again another ga66a inside 2 brackets for ya3goob XD!)…lol)

    • 7md

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOL gala The joystick fell

      and it sucks that you can’t save in that game? :disdain:

      • The game autosaves cuz it is online…it sucks the fee i have to pay for such a mistake is too too high….. now no more priest training i should continue the game without them or restart the whole game ;””””(

  • Hamda

    Yay :D Hamda sha6oora :D :D :D

  • FM

    nothing makes me more angry than metal gear solid 2 when i start to play with raydin >.<

  • Mercaptoethanol

    Okay, I’ll try my best to keep my cursing to a minimum…

    Playing Soul Caliber 2 for some hours, mastering a character. After beating the game on hard, my little brother comes in, picks a random character with long range, MASHES buttons randomly and repeats the same cheap move over and over again. BOOM! A joystick crashes into the wall.

    Playing the Jackie Chan game on the ps1. The game had “slippery” controls, the character would deaccelerate for a few milliseconds before it comes to a complete halt. Meaning that falling down cliffs is not a difficult task. I keep trying for 10 minutes to cross 4 platforms which are small, shaped in annoying ways, and need timing to avoid the moving objects that will push you down the cliff. After you manage to pass them, your mighty pixel gets caught by the mighty pixel OF AN ANNOYING PIPE ON THE EDGE OF THE LAST PLATFORM, ceasing your flight and sending you down to your doom. Another joystick crashed into the wall.

    When the “revolutionized” FF10 came out and everyone was playing it, I reached about 60% of the game. I was at my friends’ dowaniya and one of my friends played the final boss before us. The events of the final boss was spoiled for me. I was and still am and will ever be sensitive to spoilers. I was chatting with my younger brother the other day (no, not the nigga who beat me in soul caliber 2) and expressed by frustration of having the story spoiled for me. He deleted my save data soon since he thought I won’t be playing the game anymore. I haven’t EVEN hinted that I’ll be doing something of that sort.

    Left 4 Dead 2, when the AI becomes Artificial Stupidity. You are pinned down by a special infected. The AI can either shoot it off you or get close and melee it off. In an attempt, by the developers, to mimic the different reaction speeds from human players, they made this response variable. However, most of the time, the AI would run to you, with their backs towards you and the mob, from a long distance to melee them off you. What’s bad about it? Nothing. Just that on Expert difficulty, the 3-4 seconds this A.S. will waste is going to let your HP drop from 90 to 20-10. While it would be MUCH easier to just shoot it off from that distance. And you know the hilarious part? The AI’s aimbot is so good that they can kill mobs before an FPS veteran like me can notice them.

    I can go on and on, but the most thing that frustrates me is the “system requirements” that PC games have. Whenever my PC was in the “minimum requirements” range, the game can be started but it’s not playable (if you can play with a 3 FPS then you are something different!). And if it was in the “optimum requirments”, it would be running on 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS. And when things get chaotic, the FPS drops to 10. I have no idea game developers make this rating…

  • WhiteRaven

    hmmm i have alot to say about this topic:-

    1. when i play any game on a ps3 joystick and in the middle of a big battle my thumb decides to slip and fall from the analog stick and then BOOM im dead. :p

    2. playing multiplayer online like COD, while trying to kill the other player my brother decides to pass right infront of me and then BOOM im dead. :'(

    3. when playing the Witcher 2 you have the option to save the game whenever you want and when you reach your quest location and FORGOT to save the game but decided to kill some enemys instead, then suddenly im dead and my last save puts me back 2 miles away from the quest. -_-

    4. when in the middle of an important cutscene and then accidentley pressed the button skip it. :dazed:

    5. when you finally download an 18GB game and your really excited about an when you start to install it errors start popping up saying some of the files are corrupted or missing (What a huge waste of time). :@

    i have alot more to say but this is more than important ;)

  • Hamda

    Update: last night I broke my neck playing Gears 3’s campaign on insane, but the damn queen refuses to die!! D: worst final boss ever! she was so easy on hardcore! they respawn me at the WORST places, the place is full of locust s which makes it impossible to focus on them and the queen at the same time !! .__. I got soo pissed off I was this close to crying LOL xD

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