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Capcom Announces Sengoku Basara HD Collection

Capcom announced at an event for their Basara franchise that an HD collection will be on it’s way. More info about it after the jump.

White Tower Micro Tournament Results & Photos

  Here are some photos and tournament results from the White Tower SSFIV & UMVC3 micro tournaments which took place last Thursday.

New Resident Evil 6 Information From The Premier Party

Capcom released some new info tidbits about the newly announced Resident Evil title. They talk about characters, zombies and much more. Read all about it after the jump.

Reminder: Double Perfect/Rage Trigger SSFIV: AE2012 Tournament is Today!

For More Information please visit Double-Perfect’s Facebook page. LGG’s Ali (Sai) will be at the event to cover and compete! Please look forward to our next podcast episode…

Gaming 4 Good – حفل خيري في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Awesome Daigo Kuwait Exhibition SSFIV:AE Matches

Tyrant was one of the very cool surprises during the Kumite. He played a very solid Sagat. One of Kuwait’s most solid players, Bahbahani takes up Daigo in…

1st Video Games Live Concert in The Arabian Gulf Region [update: canceled!]

Video Games Live يعتبر أكبر حدث موسيقي يعرض مقطوعات لألعاب الفيديو على مستوى العالم و من حسن حظنا أنه ستكون هناك عدة عروض في منطقة الخليج العربي و…

Thank You For Your Support! – Games 11 Sony Event

We have been nominated by PlayStation Middle East for attending an event at Games 11 sponsored by Sony over there. The details of the event will be disclosed…