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Nobuo Uematsu Really Likes Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Nobuo Uematsu (the revered Final Fantasy composer) got his hands on the game and seems to really like it so far. He said that it plays decently, as…

Know Your Meme: Guile’s Theme (Video)

Everyone knows Guile’s theme goes with pretty much everything so KnowYourMeme released a video explaining the roots behind this internet meme. Check it out after the break!

Desk Plays More Music With An Arcade Stick & Bass

Desk is back with another “music” video where he shows his quick reflexes by drumming on an arcade stick while playing bass. It’s pretty cool so check it…

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC Detailed & Priced (Japan)

The DLC tunes to the upcoming music-based game from Square Enix have been announced. The music will include non-numbered Final Fantasy titles like Type-0. The pricing was also…

Skyrim Rock Remix (Remix Fix)

So many fan creations for Skyrim’s sound track but here’s another rock remix for this epic game.

Amazing Artist Plays & Sings Skyrim’s Theme

Check out his channel for more.

JJ is Back! This Time With A Mortal Kombat Song (Fire and Ice)

Double-J is back with another awesome song. He previously sent us a tip for a song he made for Street Fighter’s Vega (The Vega Anthem). Thanks for sharing…

Heroes Of Might & Magic IV – موسيقى لهذا الاسبوع

المطور: New World Computing الناشر: The 3DO Company الملحن: Paul Romero, Rob King, Steve Baca, Paul James الجهاز: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X تاريخ الإصدار: March 28, 2002…