• shaklkom bs tel3boon bel xbox360

    • 7md

      weird I dont have an Xbox a9lan :P

      • Hmm, I just figured ’cause most of you were focusing on the achievements, I have both consoles but I like the PS3 more.

        • We aren’t biased towards any console, we own and play them all! It’s just that some of us are used to saying achievements more than trophies, lol. Thanks for tuning in and welcome to the site! :)

        • Mr. M-A

          That’s because achievements came first.

        • 7md

          صح يا مستر ما

  • BTW I’m cutegamergirl1>>thats my youtube channel : P
    ely yaby recommendations for easy platinums i can help u out

  • Mr. M-A

    Good episode. One glaring thing you guys didn’t mention is that i think what makes achievements/trophies even more pointless (to me) is that there are some people that play with “Pirated” games on 360/PS3 as well as do glitches (or game saves) in the system/game to unlock achievements. So in piracy’s case,  you don’t have to do the math when a person buys original games lets say 2 -- 3 games a month while a person who pirates can torrent as much as he wants.

    That is a well known fact so, it makes the trophy/achievement even more irrelevant which is why i think MS will be VERY careful in how they are implementing their reward system. Or, they may do it on the new Xbox but with a new entirely system other than points. That is also why many people don’t see the “ahamiya” in it.

  • يعطيكم العافيه على الحلقه الممتعه

    • Hussain Yousef

      الله يعافيك أخوي و هالشي يسعدنا ;)