Kickstarter : البعد الآخر

في هذه الحلقة نتكلم عن مشاريع الكك ستارتر.


و ما هو رأينا و رأيكم بهذه المشاريع لعالم الألعاب

قام بتسجيل الحلقة كل من: عبدالله ، يعقوب و علي

تابعوا آخر حلقتنا عن طريق الآيتونز

نتمنى لكم استماعا ممتعا

!البعد الآخر هو بودكاست نقاشي نتحدث فيه عن موضوع معين

  • Soltero-x3

    file not found ???

    • Is the problem still there? I had that error last night but not it’s gone. Let us know please.

  • You guys are awesome and very spontaneous i like that, Yeah, I’ve watched the AVGN episode, ya3qoob and it’s a scam. wallah ana 3ndy lo ashtry DLC aw 7law wo kakaw men el jam3ya a7san bdal la adfa3 fls wa7d 3la shay not guaranteed.
    عيدكم مبارك مقدما ^_^ و الله رمضان مر بسرعا

    • How do you know this is a scam? I think this comes from an observation that still lacks facts if something like Kickstarter projects would come to fruition since none of these have been released yet, but as I said in the episode; when certain names and faces are behind certain projects, they put their careers on the line, both legally and in reputation, so I doubt AVGN and the actual programmer of Cheetahmen (not that I really care for this project in particular) are willing for that to happen, but I can understand the uneasiness of your concern. 

      As observers, it would be interesting how this would turn out in the end, while it would be pretty cool, if they pull it off, to have a non-broken version of this horrible game, lol.

      Thanks for listening.

      • I love AVGN but james rolfe was promoting and asking money for greg pabich’s “cheetahmen 2” I think about $66,000!!! and you don’t see that as a scam??!! It’s a horrible old NES game as you stated so why all that money?! I know the money doesn’t go to james himself but to greg’s kickstarter.

        I know people are gonna hate me for typing this but “Ouya” seriously?? *facepalm* to me it’s like a fan-made console NOT even worth a $!! that if you consider it as a “console” -___- stop all the “hype” for kickstarter’s projects.
        They just want your money.

        • I think it’s best to just watch and see what happens. Conversely, “legit” gaming companies wants your money just as much. :P