• 7md

    لما حسين سأل ليش تتوقعون البلاي4 و الأكس بوكس بيكونون نفس السعر؟ و انه ال360 كان ارخص

    لازم تتذكرون ان ال360 لما نزل كان ارخص لأسباب
    -من غير hdmi
    -ما اذكر انه كان فيه هارد ديسك

    يعني كان يستخدم اغلب الاشياء من الجيل السابق و بعدين تغير هالشي

    اتوقعهم يستخدمون نفس الأسلوب يعني جهازهم راح
    يطور بشكل غير مباشر و من غير لا يحسون الناس

    • Yaqoub Al- Hussaini

      Launch Xbox 360 had a 20GB hard disk.

  • Mr.M-A

    I think many people are forgetting is region lock. What i love about Sony is giving us the freedom if we want to pay for PS+ or the other services they would provide in PS4 based on the rumors.

    However, in Microsoft’s side, the 360 is a mandatory 60$/a year if you wanna play online especially since we can’t even use most of the features because of region lock, lol. They would have been better off if they make separate level based entries for subscriptions (think bronze, silver, platinum levels) but then again, this just means that almost all the people will go for the feature that plays online, party/private chat and cloud saving.

    I’m sure most people don’t care about other useless junk. Other then that, MS needs to do a-lot now to impress me because Sony started with a bang and who thought sony would do that especially with how they handled this gen? On top of that, we all know their FP games are amazing.

    If MS could focus on the games more and less on Kinect + other useless junk, i could see them getting a much more positive reaction. I doubt it but i’d love to be proven wrong though. They are a business first and foremost so they won’t abandon the Kinect that’s for sure. Just don’t make it mandatory in games so that i don’t use it.

    In the end though, i end up getting all consoles so, i never miss out on anything but it’s sad with how MS are handling things right now compared to before when they were all about the games and less about gimmicky bullshit.

    Hopefully region lock also gets less and less with the coming generations, seriously all those features MS brags about and i cant use a damn thing, not even the games on demand ripoff [the service is available only for some games] (just check the prices of the games).