• Akram

    يعطيكم العافية شباب :)

    • 7md


  • كوجيما الرجيم

    اول تعليق عشان خاطر ميتل جير مشكورين عالحلقه

    • 7md

      قوي الإسم

  • Mr.M-A

    Yeah, my favorite is MGS4 but it took some time to make my opinion because i used to go between MGS3 and 4 however, i stated by my post why it’s my favorite. I would co-operate with you guys but you asked me what is my favorite and i have to state the reasons LOL.

    About the kiss, it’s actually an easter egg in the game where ocelot kisses snake on the cheek if you didn’t do anything when he headlocks you. It’s because they are brothers, it’s a really bittersweet easter egg, one of my favorites.

    The game itself has too many easter eggs and secret stuff (as with the other MGS’s but i feel MGS4 has the most, here are some examples)

  • رسمي

    والله لو بقدم في ميتل جير ماجستير مافهمتها

  • هشام

    يعطيكم العافية أنا مختم كل الأجزاء (1و2و3و4وpeace walker) راحت علي بعض الحقائق خصوصا دور اوسولوت لأنه كل مرة يقلب .