Yun and Yang Hinted for SSFIV Arcade

You can’t go wrong with this scan. Previously, the same scan (well part of it) was leaked and people called in fake, but it seems that it is true and according to the skateboard and skates in the picture, you can easily tell that Yun and Yang are probably going to make it into the Arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. Capcom are supposed to drop hints from now till the big reveal and it seems like this is only the beginning. Yoshinori Ono’s Twitter feed has some interesting tweets, he’s been hinting at R. Mika, Karin and some other characters that might make the cut. Capcom have been really great in their choices of characters so I’m sure everyone has faith in them on making the Arcade version a very awesome game. They’ll probably release them on console via DLC which I am sure everyone will be picking up. It’s only a matter of time now!

If those were proven to be true, then we still have 4 more character reveals/hints to go.

  • 7md

    Rolento rmika Karin and Alex!
    I wanted oro/Q :p
    Alex > everyone